Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday!

I haven't done one of these in a while!

Today, I'm loving that I'm almost finished with the training for my new job!!!
Tomorrow, I'll learn all about ground escape for the F-15, which is the aircraft I'll be working with and hopefully I'll get to go out to my building and walk around and then Friday, we'll be in another building for respirator training and I'll go to my job area on Monday!!!  I am SO thankful for all this knowledge and information and my head is just slap FULL of stuff.  I just hope I'll be able to retrieve it IF it's ever necessary!

I'm also loving that I decided to exchange those steel-toe boots that were pinching my right pinky toe so bad.  I took them back Friday and got another pair that are 1/2 size bigger and just a little bit wider.  That little bit of room made ALL the difference!!!  These don't pinch my toe.  Yay!!!  I have an appointment next month to see a podiatrist about it, though.  This toe has hurt me for two years.  It's time something was did about it.  :)

OH!!  And Red Wing has the most awesome steel-toe boot socks!!!  I got two pair of them Friday.  They have that marshmallow sock feel at the toe.  Sooooo soft and comfy.  And WELL worth $7 a pair, lemme tell ya!!!  So, yeah, I'm loving that today, too!

I'm pretty much loving LIFE right now!!  The Lord has truly blessed me and Larry this year and we're only in MARCH.  I got this super cool job that I've wanted and prayed for for two years and the Parole Board gave us the greatest news last month, too.  They are FINALLY going to let him come home!!!  After 36 years.  I have a little bit of "nesting" time but not much.  I have lots that I want to do before then.  I know I'm having at least two big old yard sales to get rid of some of this stuff!!  How one person has accumulated so much just baffles me.  THREE TV's??!!  I mean, come on.  I call myself living simply but if you saw my closets, you wouldn't think so.  I've got to get BUSY!!!

But first??  I need a nap.  The flightline calls earrrrrrrrrrly.


  1. I am so glad the pinky feels better and has more room to stretch out. You be careful with all that training and knowing you there is not a thing you will forget. Take care and I am so happy your life is so full. Love you

  2. I am so glad your pinky can breathe now and that the new shoes are working. Maybe that has been your toe problem all the time,that your shoes don't fit properly for you.I am so glad you can feel better you and Larry have been needing a change. I know you want forget a thing about this training. You have waited long enough for what you want. Love you

  3. Amazing blog!! Good to know you got toe problem out of the picture. Not worried bout you forgetting your'll be fine.
    CONGRATS! It's good to hear that you & Larry will finally be together. It has been a very long wait. .. As we know....always in God's time, not ours. (same w/my wait for Lamar...only 7 yrs. but tooooo long, girl).
    I definitely want to be @ yo Yard may have a treasure I can't live without...LOL

    Take care....get busy!! haha LUV ya :))