Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day 2.0

While the ice melted today and dripped off the roof of my cozy little house, I looked out into my backyard at the piles of leaves with ice mixed in and I daydreamed about spring and gerber daisies.

I was thankful for another snow day.  By the time I got up, most of the ice had melted from the road and the driveway and I was able to get out and go to Walgreens.  I had cabin fever so bad!!  I enjoyed sleeping in, napping when I wanted to, reading and talking to my friends on Facebook but it is time to get back to work!!  I started my online computer class this afternoon, too.  My evening Solid State class was canceled for tonight but the thing about online classes is that the weather does not affect them!  The first assignments were pretty simple and I was glad to get them done while I had some free time.

My northern friends think we're nuts for shutting completely down when we get an inch of ice.  We just cannot drive on that!  There would be so many folks dead if life went on as usual down here during an ice storm. For instance, I had nothing to scrape the ice from my windshield this morning.  I used my IKEA spatula and it worked great!  We're just not equipped for snow, ice and living our lives around them.  I guess if we got wintry weather every year, we'd be more prepared. 

I bet we'd still run out and get milk and bread, though.

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