Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Meet Finnian and Hodgewocket!

The cutest two little gnome men this side of the meadow!  And they have come to live with ME, thanks to my friend, Brandy.  Brandy lives in Virginia with her husband and beautiful baby daughter and just as beautiful baby son on the way.  Brandy makes the coolest things and sells them at her Etsy store to help support her little family.  She makes cloth napkins that I absolutely LOVE.  I have a stack of them on my dining room table and I've had them for several years now.  They are extremely well made and hold up under many, many washings, tumbles in the dryer and hours on the clothesline.  They will completely end your need for paper napkins, which is the whole idea!  Less trash in the landfill!  More smiles at dinnertime!  :)  Brandy also makes mei tai baby carriers and grows and sells kefir grains.  And she makes the most awesome homemade soap! 

I'd been eyeing some felted gnomes and mushrooms online and I emailed her a couple of weeks ago and asked her if she thought she could do the gnomes.  I knew she could do the mushrooms.  She said she thought she could, we agreed on a price and here they are!!

I think she did a fabulous job.  They are exactly what I was wanting and they're even bigger than I expected!!  I love them sooooooo much!!
Here are the mushrooms!

I came up with the names.  :)
Finnian with the green eyes, Hodgewocket with the blue.
They're still a little unsure of me. 


  1. Those are plum cute. I like them. Love you

  2. I'm glad you are happy to have them. I believe they look a little uncertain from the trip through priority mail.