Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'Mo Be There...

....just not at midnight.

New Moon will be released at midnight tomorrow night.  There are DVD release parties planned all over the country and although I took Jessica to last year's Twilight party, I think I'll pass this year. We went to the one at Wal-Mart and we got there a little after 11:00 to find the party in full swing.  There were people (grown folks, y'all, not just kids!) dressed up like vampires and werewolves and some had on Team Edward and Team Jacob t-shirts and a line had already formed in electronics that stretched clear around to housewares.  The whole experience was amazing!  The excitement in the air was awesome. My old ass loved being a part of it! We had a ball and finally got our DVDs around 12:30. There were gift packages for the first 100 DVDs sold and Jessi and I were #99 and #100. That was pretty dang cool.

I'm gonna pass on the party this year.  I gotta go pick up a couple of things Saturday at Target and I'll get my copy then.  

I'm still waaaaaaay excited.  :)

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  1. Loved the books! Loved the movies...can't wait for the next 2!!! =)