Wednesday, March 24, 2010

29 And Holding (But Not For Long!)

I've been at this weight loss thing for 12 weeks this Sunday and I've lost 29 pounds now! I teetered between 26 and 27 pounds for about two weeks. My first plateau. I knew it was coming, though. I also knew what I had to do about it. Pump up the exercise and cut back on the calories and get that scale moving again.

So I started running! I've never run in my entire life unless a dog was chasing me. But I did it. I started running a while and walking a while on my treadmill every day late last week and I also cut back on the carbs a little more. I started doing some toning exercises, too, that Larry suggested called tabatas (which are a whole 'nother kind of fresh hell, ohdearlordsweetjesus).
I was determined to bust through that wall and I got my reward this morning when I weighed.

29 pounds!! Woo hoooo!!

I am sore in places a girl ought not be sore but I feel great!! My goal was to be at 30 pounds by Easter. I think that's doable.

I also think my Peeps are gonna be especially sweet this year.


  1. Good for you, just don't overwork yourself. The Easter bunny says your peeps are waiting. Love you

  2. That is so awesome! You go, girl!! I've lost 14 just by eating hummus and frozen fruit for snacks (instead of JUNK) and drinking LOTS more water. Sorry, gotta have my pasta and chocolate. Not together, of course. :D

  3. How wonderful! You know, we need pictures, now. I'm working on the last of my post-Fred weight. :-)