Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vacation (All I Ever Wanted)

Man, I used to love that song!!

I'm on vacation!!  Yay!!  I'm going to do just as little as I can possibly get away with.  I haven't had a week at home in over a year and I'm tired.  I do have a few things planned to do around the house like cleaning out and organizing my kitchen cabinets and if the weather cooperates, I want to do some yard work but that's about it.

Ami, Brian, Mama and I are going to IKEA this week, too, and I'm gettin' excited about that. I'm not really going after anything this time except for maybe a couple of new bed pillows, I just want to GO.  I love everything about IKEA, from the scent of their freshly baked cinnamon rolls to the scent of that famous unfinished pine.  I even love my first glimpse of that big blue and yellow building sitting there waiting for me.  Ever since Atlanta's store opened in 2005, we have been up there many, many times and our houses are full of IKEA.  Of course, I don't have children or animals around but everything I've ever gotten from there still looks brand new, even a bedroom cabinet that I put in one of my bathrooms.  It wasn't designed to go in a bathroom but I put it in there to store towels and stuff and it still looks new.  Yeah, so yay, IKEA!!!  I can't wait to see you again!!

Yesterday I bought a new electronic digital scale at Target on sale for $25!!  Great deal, I thought.  This one lights up and everything.  And it talked to me sooooooo sweetly this morning.  I only lost a pound last week so I gotta work hard this week.  I was a total slug last week and only walked twice.  But I'm on VACATION this week. The possibilities are endless!


  1. We are gonna TEAR IKEA UP!!!! I am so ready to go!! It's been a long, long year since I've seen its sweet blue and yellow face. Can't wait to walk in and smell that awesome combination of cinnamon rolls and pine and particle board. And WORD on the Aneboda in the bathroom!! It's awesome! Hasn't buckled or peeled or anything. IKEA is cheap, but it is still quality. Awesome deal on that scale! We have one we love, too. We got it at IKEA. :D See you Tuesday!!

  2. Happy Vacation! Enjoy the children's section for me. :-)

  3. I love Ikea also. You can always find something you must have. Prices are great. I usually dream about doing a house over with nothing but Ikea stuff. That heavenly smell draws me to the snack bar every time. Hard to resist. Today the weather was sunny for a while. Hope you get a lot accomplished. Rain, rain, stay away (at least for a week).