Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Day I'll Find A Way To Live At IKEA Without Getting Arrested

I went to IKEA yesterday with Brian, Ami and Mama. We had such a great time as always!! 

Brian took some really awesome pictures and I swiped some of them from him to put on my blog.

Hello again, lovah.

My sweet mama

Brian and Ami

Me lookin' extremely giggly

Our lunch!  Our friend, Billy, met us there for lunch and a li'l shopping.


Measuring cups never looked so cool!

Awesomest kitchen evah.

A little lamp I got for my kitchen.

When you see dishes you LOVE, you should buy 'em!!

Super comfy throw blanket I got for my sofa but it's so big, it fits my queen-sized bed!

I also got some coffee and some Christmas decorations (they still had some!) and some new oven mitts and stuff like that.  No furniture this time!  But, seriously, what's the remedy for too much IKEA furniture??  A bigger house!!

We had a most fabulous day.  IKEA wore us slap out but we all left with a big smile on our faces. It would so totally not do for us to live in Atlanta.  It's a very good thing we live an hour or so away.

'til we meet again, IKEA. Keep the meatballs warm and the Nutids cool.  


  1. I am SO envious! Those little bears are so sweet. You do look giggly, which is what I think of when I think of you. Love your photos and your new goodies. :-)

  2. Oh boy did you have a grand day. Good old Ikea nothing like it. Great stuff you got there.