Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This Is Hard To Watch

***Update*** Seems there was some infringement blah blah concerning the texting PSA and YouTube and it was taken down. You can still find it online if you look hard.

I didn't want to look that hard. :D

CAUTION: Before you watch this, just know that it is very graphic!

If this doesn't stop teens in England (or anybody anywhere!) from texting while driving, nothing, short of it happening to them, will. I saw this on Today this morning and I was absolutely amazed at how realistic it is. That girl's neck snapping gives me the chills.

I guess the only thing I smiled about is knowing the little girl who was driving and then taken away in the ambulance (if she had really been hurt) was seen in the ER for FREE!! And she probably only paid $5 for her pain meds.

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  1. Well, it's not exactly free since her parents are paying 11% on income up to £770 per week and 1% on any income above £770 per week. If they make the whole £770 that's £85 per week or $137.50 A WEEK for National Insurance. http://www.ukstudentlife.com/Work/Employment.htm Our insurance is expensive but it's not 11% of our income. The people that don't have income, well, that falls on the rest of the tax payers to pay for.