Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peggy and Me

When I was a tiny girl, I had a book called 
Peggy and Me and I LOVED it.  I guess I was about three when I got it and my daddy would read it to me.  I grew up, as little girls tend to do, and my book got lost somewhere in the shuffle.

I never forgot it, though. There was one line in the book, "It's cheery to walk in the rain, with coat and umbrella all the same". I couldn't say umbrella, it came out "umbrebla", and TO THIS DAY, my daddy will recite that line and say umbrebla.  

When I got internet access about 10 years ago, I started looking for another copy of my book.  I tried all the children's bookstores online, I tried eBay, I looked everywhere for it and I couldn't find it.  For 10 years, I searched for this book!!  The other night, I tried eBay again and guess what???  There it was!!!  I learned a lot about it that I didn't know, like it was copyrighted in 1968 by Whitman Publishing Company.  Good info to have when you're looking for something!  Ha!

I got it today and I just had to share it.  I'm so happy to have it back!!  


  1. Very sweet. Nice to have such good childhood memories. I have never seen or heard of it, probably because I was 16 when it was pubished. Into highschool, etc....

  2. Awe, that is so sweet. I am soo glad you found yoursweet book. It will always be special to you and us. Looked long enough. I've always told you that good things happen to those who wait. Love you,Mama&Daddy

  3. I'm about 80% sure I had that book, too! At the very least I had a similar book. I remember flipping pages with the different outfits including the swimsuit that looked JUST like those! :)

  4. This must have been waaay before my time! I don't even remember you having this book! It is so cute, though! I'm glad you found it and I can't wait to see it in person!

  5. Very cute! So the bodies change, but the heads stay the same?

  6. Shari - You probably had it, too!! The one I got on eBay has a 1972 publishing date. It was around a while. It's soooooo sweet.

    Ami - Oh, yeah. Way before your time. :D

    Brandy - Yeah, it's a flip book, each page is a different outfit for them. SOOOO cute.