Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh No She Didn't Take My Baby!

My mama and daddy came up today for their little birthday get-together with me and Ami and Brian. Mama brought us a bunch of old family photos that my aunt had kept all these years.  

These were two of them.

They are of me and my brother, Ricky, when he was just born.  
I was 16 months old.

In the first picture, you can see how happy I am to have my little brother with me.

In the second picture, however, you see how very unhappy I was when Mama took him away to change him.

I thought these pictures were absolutely HILARIOUS and just had to share them.


  1. They ARE hilarious!! LOOK at your FACE!! Bwahahahahahahaha!!! It's so awesome! I am so glad she brought these pics back and we got to see them!

  2. You were too cute with that hairdo. Mine were 18 months apart. I hope you were the laid back one, mine worked out that way J was first, very laid back and A was 2nd a crazy girl, climber before she walked. Have a great day.
    Your moma had her hands full but she probably wishes she could re-live that day in the pic.