Saturday, December 27, 2014

My lady heads

I've stumbled up on a new obsession.  Vintage ceramic lady heads.  I saw a few at estate sales this year and I passed them up, always on the hunt for Pyrex.  I could kick myself square in the butt for that.  If I could get my foot up that high. 

I found a beautiful yellow one, they call her the French Thinker and she's from the 1940's, at the antique mall that Larry and I discovered shortly before Christmas.  She was marked $25 the first time we were there and I wouldn't pay that.  We went back last week and she was marked down to FIVE DOLLARS.  Now I will pay that!  I just love her sweet face.


My friend, Lynn, has a thrift store back home and she posted a picture on the store's Facebook page of a gorgeous one she had there and I got my mama to go pick it up for me.  Of course, Mama wouldn't let me pay her for it and she gave it to me for Christmas instead.  That mama of mine...   Some of the heads are planters, like this one, and some are just ceramic heads.  Lynn and I both tried to find out something about her but she remains a mystery.

 So now I have the two.  New year, new collection!  :)

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