Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas 'round here...

We are having a grand old time getting ready for Christmas!  We went to the mall to see the decorations there, did a little shopping, got Chick fil-A for supper and Larry asked Santa something...and of course, I wasn't privy to that conversation but I swear I heard the words "pink Pyrex".  :)

We've been looking for a nativity to put out front in the yard but nobody has one!  I bet we'll be on the lookout for one next year at all those estate sales and yard sales we'll be going to!  I found an adorable little set at and although we could have gotten it for a less expensive price somewhere else, I liked that they donate 10% of their profit to The Nature Conservancy and Food For The Poor, as well as nearly a dozen other causes, all to help children, the disabled, fair trade, nature or the environment.  I'm all about that.

Here they are!


We've been out looking at Christmas decorations, too, and have plans to go see the Tripp Family Christmas Lights next week.  We saw this house that has hundreds of hard plastic blowmold outdoor Santas, snowmen, nativities, candy canes, just all kinds of stuff.  (Larry just reminded me that they didn't have no Pooh Bear!  Ha!)

It was amazing.  All the way around their house.  
I told Larry that's gonna be us in five years!

We watched Rudolph...

Banjo's been in reindeer training for months.  He's been practicing his reindeer moves, as I call 'em, jumping and running and trying to fly.  He got his antlers today!  He'll be ready come Christmas Eve, I just know it!

I found these amazing vintage Christmas ornaments today at Goodwill.  For two dollars.  

We've been putting up signs.  You know, 'cause signs.  :)


And we've been wrapping a freckled little Baby King in a blanket 'cause it's cold.

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  1. Banjo is so cute in his antlers.Now you need to get a sleigh for him. Daddy said the baby was so sweet for you to wrap him up. I told him that you did that to all your babies at home. We are so happy you two are enjoying so much. Love you so much!!