Friday, December 26, 2014

Joyous Christmas!

Wow.  What a wonderful, exhausting two days!  We spent Christmas Eve and morning in Atlanta with Juan, Rhiana and the girls, came home, opened our gifts to each other and then were on the road again to Oglethorpe to have Christmas with our family down there.  I took 468 pictures and posted 80 of the best ones on Facebook.  Here are some of my favorites!

I joked that Santa wouldn't be able to find a place to put the toys!  He managed, though.  :)

Elizabeth got an entire set of Harry Potter books!

This picture of Emma melts my heart.  She was SO excited about everything!

It was indeed a Pyrex Christmas for me!  I got TEN new pieces!  

And I got some PINK!!  I got two Gooseberry Cinderellas from Larry and Mama and Daddy and Larry gave me the pink Daisy, too.

Juan, Rhiana and the girls gave me a set of six Spice of Life pieces, Mama and Daddy got the Forest Fancies mixing bowl and Larry found the Gourmet Delphite Blue casserole with the cradle.  I didn't have a warming cradle at all!  

I was pretty excited to add these to my collection!!  I have photographic proof.  :)

Larry and I both agreed not to go crazy this Christmas, that we had everything we wanted already, each other, our new house, blah blah blah.  He didn't stick to it (I got a set of vintage Beatles pins, an Eric Church CD and my favorite bath gel, too) and I didn't either.  Here's his surprised face when he opened his rotary saw and spiral saw.  I just love this picture!

Here's Larry and our great-niece, Lizzie, having a conversation about something and really, there is NO telling.

Baby Jack LaRue belongs to Brian's mama, Miss Dale, but he let me hold him while he slept.  Sweet wittle puppy man!

Lizzie and Katie, in the most beautiful picture I've ever seen of them.  Great job, Ami!!!

One of my dearest high school friends came to visit me today.  I had not seen Kim in nearly 30 years and recently we reconnected on Facebook. We had the happiest visit and it was like the years just melted away.  She and her husband, Steve, are buying a house in Florida (they live waaaaaay up in Delaware now) and I'm so excited at the prospect of having her closer!

 She brought me this adorable set of vintage bears!

This afternoon, Larry and I went to see Unbroken and never in my life have I been so mad that I wanted to walk out on a movie.  I can't stand to see torture, I don't believe in it, and this movie was almost more than I could stand.  I am so glad I toughed it out (fussing under my breath the whole time about somebody needing a "mushroom cloud upside the head" or something to that effect) because the end is so good, so moving and inspirational, so tear-jerking and so amazing, I wouldn't want to have missed it.

We stopped at Target to pick up a prescription and get some 50% off Christmas wrapping paper and bows and swung by Panda Express and picked up supper.

We're not going anywhere tomorrow!

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