Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Eight days!

Christmas will be here in eight days!!  Next week.  Eeeeek!  We are ready, though.  Been ready, actually.  We're just taking these last days and enjoying them to the fullest!

Last night, we rode over to Yonker, a little town near Eastman, to see the Christmas light display that the Tripp family puts together every year.  Joe and Marie Tripp have been doing this every Christmas for the past 30 years and in recent years, have gained a little attention in the media.  They were even approached by the ABC television show, The Great Christmas Light Fight, but declined because as Mr. Tripp told me and Larry, they "wanted too much".  They want every little surface covered with lights and Mr. Tripp said they "weren't gonna fool with it."  I liked that man.  He gave me and Larry our own personal tour, showing us this snowman and that Santa, telling us where he got 'em and how he fixed 'em, that he got a bunch of stuff from a local bank that was getting rid of their Christmas decorations and how he waited and waited and got lights at Lowe's last year after Christmas 75% off.  I told him he didn't want everything that comes along with being on a TV show anyhow, just look what happened to Honey Boo Boo!  He cracked up!  Said Mrs. Tripp wouldn't have nothing to do with you if you liked Honey Boo Boo.  Uh oh.  :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures!  It was all SO beautiful and we had such a lovely night to walk among the lights; it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold, it was just right.

Santa's only there on the weekends so his chair was empty last night.  It was right comfy!  We had a great time.  I loved all the vintage blow mold figures they have.  Mr. Tripp said people have collected them for them over the years and that he wouldn't even know where to begin selling everything IF they ever decide to stop doing this.  Um, I know where you can start, Mr. Tripp.  Meeeeeee!!!

I want this one right heah.

Today we went to the antique mall here in town and I got a few more things for my vintage Christmas tea cart.  I told Larry I might need another cart!

I got a sweet little The Night Before Christmas book that was published in 1950, a springy Santa that pops up out of the chimney, a cute little snowman ornament and two Santa match holders.  The one with the little pom-pom on top is being sold on eBay right now for $50!  Straight crazy.  I paid $2 for him.

I chose this unique Santa mug to add to my collection because I don't have one anything like it and because I liked his coloring, white with just a touch of blush on his face and that one pretty blue eye.  He's different and special.  And he's got the winky eye that I love, too.

We got this old Santa cardboard cutout, too.  LOVE

I squealed out loud when I saw this little book!  I didn't even know there were Buffy books!  I loved my Mrs. Beasley literally to pieces when I was a kid.  She's still with me, too, and we're both old ladies now.  Mama used to fix my hair like Buffy and everything.  I love this little book!!  Merry Christmas to me!

I found these adorable little bulls to put on my Pyrex shelf.  They were with the salt and pepper shakers but they don't have holes for the salt and pepper to come out! They are as cute as they can be!

And these little squirrels are salt and pepper shakers.  I just loved how different and unique this little set was. 

A week from tomorrow!!  I'm so excited I could bust!


  1. Love all you new Christmas stuff and am so happy you two are enjoying this time together. You are gonna need a new cart. Tell Larry to make you one.I wish I could see your face on all these adventures. You were always so happy at Christmas and excited for Santa to come.Enjoy all your posts! Love you.

  2. Those folks are right to stay away from television. Do they keep the lights up all year? It seems like it would take months to put it all up. Those squirrels are very cute. :-)

    1. They start putting everything up the second week in September! And it'll all be down by the first of March. So they have about six months inbetween. A true labor of love, that's for sure!