Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday.  The Sunday before Easter, the day we remember the impending death of our Lord, when it all got started.  I have mixed emotions about this day.  I'm reminded of just how wishy-washy people can be when I read the story.  The people of Jerusalem welcomed Jesus and laid down palm fronds and even their clothing for Him, to cushion His ride, as He rode His donkey into town.  They shouted "Hosanna! (save us!)" and then five days later, those same folks were yelling "Crucify Him!".  Everything played out as God's plan but I still feel anger, I still feel heartsick, when I think about His suffering. 

These first days of Holy Week are happy ones, before the sadness sets in on Friday.  But it's incredible JOY we'll feel on Sunday 'cause that's the BEST PART!!  His Resurrection!!

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