Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lovin' on the earth

Larry and I both wondered out loud today if anybody even knew it was Earth Day, if they were even aware that there was a day set aside to make commitments to take better care of the earth, to try to reverse some of what we've done to her.

There are so many things we can do!  You can start small if it feels overwhelming and just do things that affect your immediate surroundings.  You WILL make a difference!

Here are five super easy things you can do!

Turn off the lights when you leave the room.  I know your daddy told you this when you were a kid!  Mine sure did.  He'd go behind us if we forgot.  It helps more than just the light bill!

Eat PB&J for lunch!  Just replacing one meaty meal with a plant-based one will save about 3.5 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.  That's about half the carbon you would save by driving a hybrid car that day!  Y'all, that's huge.

Unplug your cell phone charger when you're not charging your phone.  It's still using electricity if it's plugged in.

Next time you buy light bulbs for your home, get the compact fluorescent ones.  They use a fraction of the electricity that regular, incandescent bulbs use.

Pick up trash when you see it!  And before you throw something away, ask yourself, "can I reuse this?" and use it again if you can!

Think of Earth Day as Mother Earth's birthday.  You wouldn't celebrate a friend's birthday and then ignore her the rest of the year.  You would love her and talk to her and take care of her if she was sick and laugh with her all year long.

So as soon as we get past this next little cold snap that's coming (crazy Georgia weather!), plant some flowers, plant some 'maters, plant a tree if you can.  And eat PB&J like you did when you were a kid.  I promise, you will feel the difference you're making!

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