Monday, February 7, 2011

Off with her head!

So, I was in Target today after work picking up a prescription and I had a few minutes to kill so I strolled around the store a bit and ended up in the toy department, where I end up so often when I'm at Target, the toy department and cleaning supplies.  When I was a little girl, I loved my baby dolls as you all know but I was a straight Barbie doll fool, too.  My favorite, favorite, favorite Barbie was my beautiful Malibu Barbie, with her blue one-piece bathing suit and her long, luxurious blonde hair.  I loveded her so much.  Sigh.  So, anyway, I was in the toy department today when I happened upon the most horrible thing you could ever imagine, so horrible that I am afraid to go to sleep tonight, afraid of the nightmares that I'm sure will come. 

Decapitation Barbie
(insert Psycho shower scene music here)

Swappin' Styles Barbie
is what Mattel wants you to believe it is

I'm seriously disturbed by this doll.  The box says you can change Barbie's look by just swapping the heads around.  Um, where I come from, down 'round Oglethorpe Montezuma, when you wanted your Barbie's look to change, you changed her CLOTHES.  Worked fine for me.  I had all kinds of looks goin' on.  It never even occured to me to take Malibu Barbie's HEAD OFF and put it on Marie Osmond's body to give her a new LOOK. Heck, I had a hard enough time keeping my Barbies' heads on to start with.  I would never have taken one off on purpose!

Epic FAIL, Mattel.


  1. Well! How styles do change! That don't sound like doll playing ideas. How sad. When Uncle Jack took your doll arms off upset you on end. I know this did.Love you

  2. Well, kids today are jerks and rip the heads off their Barbies anyway, so at least this does something constructive with that behavior, right? But then again, this creative decapitation play could encourage latent murderous tendencies in a child who might just need a little sumpin' sumpin' to send them over the edge. I'm just sayin'.

  3. ROFL! This is hysterical. I would never buy it for my kid but think of all the nutty combos. I want to see Malibu Barbie's head on KEN's body!