Sunday, February 13, 2011

A dozen

Twelve years ago, on a cold, windy Saturday afternoon, I married the love of my life, my best friend, my hero.

Today we celebrate our first dozen years.  A dozen years seems like a long time by today's standards and I guess it is but when you think of my parents, who've been married going on their FOURTH dozen, and Larry's parents, who were married nearly 56 years when death parted them, it's just that.  Our first dozen.  We've been together for nearly 23 years and in my heart, I became Larry's wife then, the day we met in 1988.  We just waited a long time to make it legal! 

Larry has always tried to get whatever traditional gift you're supposed to get for whatever anniversary you're having.  Like for our leather anniversary, he got me a new wallet.  For steel, he got me a beautiful set of stainless steel bowls.  For aluminum, he made me a gorgeous picture on a piece of foil.  This year, our anniversary is the linen anniversary and he made me a dozen plus two paper roses, one for the two of us and one for each year we've been married, inside a tube and the linen is a piece of his sheet that he printed this sweet poem on. 

Here's a picture!

Here's the poem!

Rick & Alice's Li'l Girl

Far far down in the deep deep south
Where the Oconee has its mouth
Are tall pine trees and red dirt roads
White-tail deer and green croaking toads

Summer's hot hot sun and sweet sweet tea
Juicy peaches and the dogwood tree
Ice cold beer and golden ears of corn
Here's where my Cherokee Rose was born

Sexy dimpled cheeks and ice cream eyes
Character as strong as railroad ties
Brightly painted toes and tombstone teeth
Smooth, lithe legs poking out underneath

Rodeo clown's heart, a honeymooner's smile
Purrs like a panther in a one-minute mile
Loyal like the sun that never fails to rise
So full of life, she can open dead men's eyes

A Pecan Sandie hid in the cookie jar
The pickup truck in the heart of every car
Hot habaneros in a marshmallow pie
And the hottest lips on the coldest sunrise

The fire sprinkler at a funeral pyre
She's the fire-warmed feet in the Hobbit's shire
Who gives forgiveness quick and kisses long
Turns tears to crystal and heartache to song

The widowed heart with dogtags that won't shine
The purest diamond in the deepest mine
She's Frodo's Sam who would not keep the ring
Who was a queen before she knew the King

The mastermind in this heart-stealing heist
Dunked and saved by the love of Jesus Christ
A touchdown pass when it's 4th down and goal
A chaingang tattoo of love on her soul

The grenade with shrapnel of piercing love
The root that grows deep and blossoms above
The golden prize in the Hall Easter Egg Hunt
The game-winning run from the sacrifice bunt

Kisses as sweet as boardwalk taffy
Can melt ice and turn the sane daffy
The pretty maiden who loved this dragon
Carries more love than a covered wagon

This is Rick and Alice's oldest child
Sweetest creation of all that grows wild
All the prayers I've ever prayed in my life
All came true when Ginger became my wife

He's a keeper!!  :) 

Big thanks to Ami for all she does to help
Larry do things for me and get things to me. 
She had this gift wrapped so pretty for me today,
along with a pot of chili and this amazing anniversary dessert! 

I enjoyed my day celebrating a dozen years as Mrs. Schneider.  The next dozen are going to be incredible!


  1. Aww, that poem is so fantastic and sweet!! I enjoyed helping! Glad you had such a good day!

  2. How wonderful! I'm glad you had such a great anniversary. He is one talented man!

  3. Ginger, That is so sweet and precious. I love the roses. Larry has a great talent. Glad you had a good day together . Ami enjoys suprising you and keeping secrets. Love you