Thursday, September 30, 2010


Thank God it's almost Friday!!

I've had a pretty lonnnnnng week. I started back to school for fall quarter Tuesday night. I have AC (Alternating Current) class three nights a week now. I'm also taking a job skills class online that so far is a piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sprinkles on top. AC now?? I'm probably gonna have to study in there. It's all about magnets and magnetism and that's easy but there are SO many formulas to learn. It really is ridiculous how much everything to do with electronics deals with math. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I have a pretty good teacher, though. He's an engineer out at the base and he's pretty cool. He's extremely smart, too!! And at least I'm not the only girl in the class. There's another one. :) Our first test is Tuesday and our teacher told us we could use a 3x5 index card of notes to use on our tests. This girl is gonna write small!! Ha!!

Also on Tuesday night, somebody stole the AC units from behind the office where I work and we've had no air conditioning for two days. The cop told us there has been a lot of this happening lately and that they're stealing them for the copper inside. Like $30 worth of copper. Losers. We have been so hot!!! I hope they choke on the crack, um, hamburgers they buy with that $30. Grrrrr. We're supposed to get new units tomorrow.

Also this week, I've been working on a leak in my guest bathroom tub. It's doing the weirdest thing and if any of y'all have had this happen, please let me know what you did about it!! We have a self-enclosed fiberglass tub that would only leak when the tub was drained after I took a bath. It would not leak after a shower or if I filled the tub up and then let the water out. Just after I took a bath. I know, that's crazy talk. Don't even make no sense. But it's true!! Larry and I worked on troubleshooting it and I discovered a very small hairline crack at the base of the tub, where the water drains. I filled it full of epoxy and so far, it has not leaked again. I'm keeping my eye on it. And my foot OFF it. I kinda sorta know how it got cracked. Uh oh.

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  1. Sorry about all the crap you have had to deal with. Hope the tub repair is working. Daddy says it should hold.I guess the robbers thought ya'll would be cool enough with the change in weather. Hope they catch them all.Good luck with school. Proud of you, Love u