Monday, September 13, 2010

The Finished Product

Here's my circuit board all finished up and working!!
That little siren was the sweetest sound I've heard in a long time.

The first time I hooked it up to the battery, the lights came on but the siren didn't. A guy in my class realized what I had done wrong 'cause he'd done the same thing. I'd put one of the LED lights in backwards! It's hard to tell what's the right way to attach them. They're so small. So I desoldered it, flipped it around and tacked it back down, filled in one tiny little hole next to a lead and ran back up there, grabbed that battery and, hallelu-yer, the clouds parted, the sun came out, the siren came on and and the lights started flashing. It was a beautiful thing.

I had to leave it there for my teacher to officially grade (he said it looked great!) so I had to take this picture with my cell phone. That's why it's so crappy.

That was my last class for this quarter. I'm a free bird until September 28th!!
UPDATE!!! I got my grade today, 9/17. I got a 98 on my board!! Woooo hoooooo!!!


  1. Yay! That's so cool!! I'm so proud of you! Enjoy your free time!

  2. Daddy said congratulations, he knew you could do it.Ricky said"my sister done madea circut board. He is proud of you. Take a much needed break. Love you