Saturday, August 12, 2017

My first Dia box!

I signed up last week at Dia & Co. and I got my first box today!

You pay $20 a month and they send you five items. You keep and pay for what you love and send back what you don't.  Shipping is free, both ways!  And they take the $20 off whatever you owe so there's that, too.

I was a little skeptical but they did really good with my first shipment! I guess I neglected to tell them when I set up my profile that I'm a bit petite because the jeans had about a yard of extra material at the foot.  I'm going to send those back and ask for the same pair in a petite. That should work!

This is what I got!

I LOVE this jersey twist top!!  I'm keeping it.  It's a dark navy.  Not so dark in this picture but the light is really bright right there.  I LOVE IT.

These are the jeans.  Kut brand high rise bootcut and they are sooooo comfy. But, you know, there's enough for another pair at the foot.  I hope they have a petite! They look so good with that twist top.

I couldn't even stand this shirt.  Ha!  Too thin and I don't do pleats or pintucks. It's a pretty peach color, though.

I love this boho maxi dress but I'd love it better if it wasn't so "loud".  Larry suggested that I step outside my safe solid-and-small-print box sometimes but this is just too much steppin'.  I loved the fit, though, so I'm gonna ask for one a little more quiet.

This be the print.  It is absolutely screamin'.

And they sent this pretty necklace.  I haven't decided yet if I'm keeping it.

So for my first Dia box, I'm pretty excited!  They hand-picked stuff that fit me perfectly except for the length and I think that's probably my fault because I didn't tell 'em.

I'm looking forward to next month!


  1. Wow! Pretty items.looks like you found a good shopping place.

  2. And she looks delicious in that print that she won't keep. Aww...LARRY