Monday, June 26, 2017

Tybee time!

It's all you need.
Larry and I spent a wonderful, restful weekend in Tybee to celebrate my 50th birthday.  We left on Friday and laughed our butts off to some good old Southern humor on Pandora -- Jerry Clower, Andy Griffith, Jeff Foxworthy, Lewis Grizzard and James Gregory -- on the way to Savannah.  We had planned to stop at a couple of Army surplus stores so Larry could shop for patches and there were two estate sales we wanted to check out, too.

I get so excited when I see signs like this!

This was at the second house, an afternoon sale that started at 1:00.  The first one ended at noon, was out near the beach and we got there at 11:30.  Whew!  The same company was having both sales so we went back to Savannah, hit the Army stores and then came back out to the beach for this one.

I am so glad, too!  I found the most beautiful Fenton vase there!  I have never seen anything like it.  I paid $15 for it, which is pretty much my limit for Fenton, but it's listed on eBay and Etsy right now for $65!  Jack In The Pulpit, they call it.  I literally gasped when I saw it. 

Just gawjus!

At the first house, an adorable little beach cottage, we found this in in the laundry room and Larry borrowed a screwdriver and took it right off the wall.  It's PERFECT for Banjo!  Larry put it up in our mudroom yesterday to hold Banjo's leashes and harness and things. 

I found this wall thingy hanging in a bedroom there, too, and I loved it.  The swirly things looked like S's to me and I had to have it.  And for three bucks??  Come here to me.

I think it looks nice on our bedroom wall.

We got out to the beach and found our condo.  If you go to Tybee a lot and are tired of hotels (like we were), I highly recommend the Savannah Beach and Racquet Club on Bay Street!  I bet we never stay in a hotel ever again.  We got SO spoiled!

It was such an adorable little condo!

Super clean, had private beach access to a very secluded beach, fully-equipped kitchen and balcony with a beautiful view of the pool and ocean.  And kitties!  It even came with two sweet kitties.  They showed up Saturday evening and although they looked like they were very well fed, we fed 'em anyway.  Turkey.  Tossed it down from the balcony to them.  They loved us.  

The beach was perfect, the weather was perfect.  Blue skies, lots of sunshine and that cool breeze that can only come from the ocean.  You can't get that from a fan!  Speaking of a fan, I have to have fan noise to go to sleep.  It's a childhood thing done carried over to my old age.  Gotta have my box fan!  Well, we didn't have no box fan.  We had AC and a ceiling fan, a very quiet ceiling fan.  So what did Larry do?  He found a box fan sleep sounds MP3 online and played it for me.  How sweet was that??

We played in the ocean for hours, got nibbled on a bunch of times by fish and crabs, we collected some really pretty sea shells and even found some abalone!  I read a little bit and played with sand toys a little bit and got sunburned a little bit.  It was a wonderful day!  I was at the beach ON my birthday and Larry made the whole day so special.  Sniff.


The prettiest shell we found had a critter still living inside.  So back into the ocean it went!

We went to the famous T.S. Chu's Department Store late Saturday afternoon and then to Bernie's Oyster House for supper.  I love love love Chu's!  It opened in the 30's and still has that old department store feel.  You can find anything there, too, from beach towels to PVC pieces for plumbing.  It's awesome.  

I went there looking for another shell wind chime to replace the one we got at Jekyll that the weather has just beat to death but when Larry found this, I changed my mind!!  Who wants another wind chime that'll just get beat to death??

And it's staying in the house, in our beachy master bathroom.

We picked up some saltwater taffy, a puzzle, two shell necklaces, a pair of fishy earrings for me and two shell plant hangers, that hopefully will hold up to the weather on the porch and not get beat to death.  :)

We saw a beautiful sunset and a gorgeous sunrise on the beach.  We left early yesterday morning and went exploring further up the beach to the lighthouse and Fort Screven.

Larry walked all 178 steps to the top of the lighthouse!  I sure wanted to go with him but with two torn ligaments in my ankle and a torn Achilles tendon in that same blankety-blank foot, I passed this time.  We'll be back!

He waved at me at every window on the way up.  It only took him about fifteen minutes to get up there and back down again.  He's fast!


 Somebody took his picture at the very top.

 And he took mine.

We walked around and toured the lightkeepers' house and all the buildings around the lighthouse, including the little cottage they moved over from the other side of the island and restored several years ago.

Baby toys in the house that the lightkeepers have lived in over the years.

One of the lightkeepers and his wife on the steps.  I just loved this picture.  They look so happy.


This is the cottage.  Sooooo lovely.  

That gorgeous wraparound porch!

And these amazing heart pine floors almost stopped my heart.

The museum at Fort Screven is so interesting!  That's the first time we've actually gone in and walked around.  And it was such a good idea, too!  It was air conditioned!  We walked around and looked at everything.  Ha!

Such wonderful Tybee Island history.  If you haven't been, you need to GO!


It had been a while since Larry'd been in a tank!


I was looking at the ocean through one of those coin-operated viewfinders and I put my phone up there and took a pic through the lens.

Here we are in the truck! We had such a great time.  I'm ready to make reservations for the next time we go. 


  1. Love,love all your adventures and your goodies.The condo is so nice.The beach so peaceful,and your birthday was so special like you.Thank you Larry for giving her a special wonderful birthday.As far as the lighthouse,it will be there when you can go up. Wonderful trip and memories.

  2. Wow, what a birthday adventure! It was just one new experience after another. Ginger makes everything fun with her exuberance and daring. She went further out into the ocean than ever before and her fierce clinging to me as she did so was pure teamwork. And our birthday fireworks were something to remember until the casket lid closes! LARRY