Thursday, December 31, 2015

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs...

I've been finding the cutest signs to put up in our house!  It all started with the vintage PB&J one I found with our sweet friends, Mike and Brandy, in Juliette when we met at the Whistle Stop Cafe for lunch, oh wow, THREE years ago now.  We were in one of those little shops there and I saw this sign and loved it.  It was $12.  I only had a ten on me.  I sweet-talked the shop owner a little bit and got it for $10.  :)

Rhiana gave me the purple peace sign and I loved it from the start!

This little Hole Sweet Hole plaque belonged to my dear neighbor and friend, Gladys Farrell, when I lived at the condo.  I was able to get it at her estate sale after she passed away.  I will treasure it always.

One of my favorite sayings!  I'm always blessing somebody's heart.  Ha!

 Nothing is safe in this house!  Not even the thermostat!

My favorite Bible story, aside from Jesus' story, of course, is the story of Naomi and Ruth.  Such a sweet story of love and loyalty.  Where you go, I'll go and where you stay, I'll stay.  Just a simple statement Ruth made but it was oh so powerful.

The laundry room even has a few!

Truer words have never been spoken.  We know we are blessed to be here in this place right now, to be together, to be FREEEEE.  We are having the time of our lives, the life we always dreamed of, and we owe it all to God.  He gets all the glory!!

A few over the tub in the master bathroom.  I still lovelovelove that mermaid Larry got for me at the famous T. S. Chu's last summer.

Our master bath has a beachy theme so this anchor was perfect.

This one over the back door sums it all up. 


  1. What a great collection. I think the mermaid is my favorite but I love them all. Have a wonderful new year!

  2. When you walk into the house, signs welcome you to the way thoughts and dreams are trusted. God, love, family, joy, fun and a sense of wonderment over the blessings of our lives. LARRY