Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gettin' ready!

We spent the weekend getting ready for Christmas!  We got our tree Saturday and put out the blow molds we've collected here and there at estate sales and yard sales.  We put lights on the porch, decorated the tree and got a few presents wrapped.  AND I think we finished our Christmas shopping!

We got a 7-foot Fraser fir that's a little slimmer than we usually get and I love it!  It's so much easier to get around. Larry gave it a fresh cut when we got it home.  We got one of those Christmas tree funnels, too, and that'll make it much easier to keep water in the pan.  

The Super Fabulous Schneider Christmas Tree of 2015!

The first time I've ever had a porch tree!  I think it's so cute.  I saved some of the big tree's trimmings to go underneath it.  Maybe I'll get that done tomorrow.

We still have lights to put on the trees and some for the top of the porch but it looks like a Christmas wonderland out there!


  1. Santa Claus will definitely be able to spot our house as soon as he lifts off from the North Pole! We're hoping he'll leave a light bill payment under the tree for us. The shopping for gifts, the walking hand-in-hand in the little hole-in-the-wall shops finding the perfect oddball trinket for friends and family that they'll be stupefied to receive, and will find impossible to regift. Putting up the strings of lights, hanging ornaments, watching Banjo and especially Tabbie, sniff over this new intruder that smells of pine but isn't in competition for our attention or their treats, that's kinda cute. The tree, as wonderful as it is, is our annual symbol of our wonder over the incredibly awesome gift of Christ to all His children, liberty from sin and death. And like the magi, we make our poor attempts to share our wealth, such as it is, with those we love in lieu of kneeling at the feet of the baby Jesus in the manger with gold, frankincense and myrrh. For those who tell their children the traditional story of Santa and forget the nativity, love your joy yet would want you to include the reason we give, thank and feel such abounding joy. And thank you Ginger for keeping Christ in Christmas! (Ever notice how the wise men kinda, sorta, look like jolly old Saint Nick? I'm just sayin'.)