Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Rockin' Repurpose!

Larry's been cleaning and organizing the garage and painting and repairing shelving units to keep us more organized out there.

We've picked up hundreds of albums at estate sales and yard sales and a lot of the records are ruined. Scratched beyond our ever being able to listen to. That's sad but the covers are just too cool to not use somehow. So Larry has been wallpapering the garage wall with some of those covers and I think it looks awesome!  

I just love this old photo of Sonny and Cher!

Uriah Heep, Alabama and Joan Baez. Sigh. Isn't she so beautiful in this picture??

We have an idea for the scratched records, too. Peace signs like our Beatles' Abbey Road album that hangs in our living room.

We love to hunt for treasures, things no one wants anymore, and to give those things a new home, a new purpose.  I am really, really bad about giving inanimate objects feelings. I've always done that. From covering my dolls up at night (and I still cover up Hattie!) so they wouldn't get cold to not wanting to throw a towel away because it would hurt its feelings. I probably need to see about getting some help. Anyway, those albums brought somebody a lot of happiness once upon a time and now they're getting another chance to be loved and enjoyed and not stuck on a shelf until it's time for our estate sale.  :)


  1. Well,aren't y'all special? Great idea! You've always been like that.wouldn't have you Amy other way sweet daughter?
    Love you.

  2. Oh, Joan is so beautiful in that picture. My dad used to listen to Uriah Heep.


  3. To enter a room of someone's home and to have your memory joggled by something from the past, to sense the importance of an object and then to imagine its grain, to wander up and down a road that someone else found intriguing, that is the story of reusing the refuse from the dustbin. To share the biopic that clears translucence and widens the eyes of the viewer. A journey that looks only forward and never back loses sight of why there's a trip at all. LARRY