Sunday, September 27, 2015

Estate sale weekend!

There was a fabulous estate sale in town this weekend!  I went three times!  I was third in line Thursday morning when it started and I got some stuff, I took Larry back yesterday and we got some stuff and then I went back this afternoon when what was left was half off and I got some stuff.  Christmas presents and resale, mostly, and the stuff I got for us we'll use and I got some great deals.  This sale was in a ritzy neighborhood, huge house, tons of stuff and nothing in that house came from Target, I'll just say that.  Last night, I realized that I knew the lady who lived there from my other life at the doctor's office.  It made me even sadder to know that.  She passed away in February from cancer at the very young age of 63.  She was just getting to enjoy her grandbabies.  I remember her so well.  And "bubbly" is the word I would use to describe her.  She was always so sweet, so happy, with a big old smile on her face and always dressed like she walked right out of a magazine.  They had money and she spent it.  Ha!  Her husband, not being able to live in that house anymore without her, moved and the house and its contents are being liquidated and sold.  

Anyway, yesterday, we got Larry some winter clothes (Eddie Bauer and American Eagle flannel shirts for $3 and practically new work pants and jeans).  I took the tags off them and made a pile on the floor to get them ready to wash and Tabbie Hoffman pretty much lost his mind over 'em.  :)  He would not get off them!  I got a couple of flower pots and some little stuff.  I wanted to get the other two pom pom pillows to go with the yellow one I got Thursday but since everything was going to be half off today, I waited and got them this afternoon.  There were 300 people there this afternoon!  I was #17 at 12:30.  By 1:00, there were 100 people in line.  It was crazy!!  I waited in line an hour to pay and when I left, people were parking two streets over and walking.  IN. SANE. 

Yesterday before we went to that sale, Larry and I stopped at a little church fundraiser and I got this set of vintage salt and pepper shakers.  A sweet little Amish couple!  They're not really fall-ish but I still put 'em on my tea cart.

Then we drove out to Jeffersonville to an estate sale at this old rundown farmhouse that I've seen for years and years on the way to Savannah or the beach.  I've always wanted to see it!!  And yesterday, I got the chance!  Y'all know this house, don't you??  It's on Highway 96 on the way to I-16 to go to the beach! 

Here's the orange juice pitcher!  $2.50!

It's been closed up with no electricity or water for fourteen years.  And surprisingly, it's in pretty good shape inside.  It has the most beautiful wooden beams and bead board all throughout!  I wanted some of that wood most of all.  Since there is no electricity, the listing told us to bring a flashlight and we did.  Larry found us an afghan to go on our $5 yellow floral sofa and I got a 1970's orange juice pitcher.  And we got a beautiful Egyptian rug for FREE just because it had been on the porch and was wet from the rain.  I put it on the deck and shampooed that thing twice yesterday and as soon as we get enough sun to dry it completely, it's coming in the house!  Here's Tabbie Hoffman laying on the afghan and the now THREE pom pom pillows!

Today, back at the big house estate sale, I picked up two pairs of yoga pants with the tags still on them for $2 each, pajamas, brand new baby boy burp cloths for our great-nephew who'll be here at Christmas, a giant plush throw pillow and two adorable glass Christmas ornaments (one is a Christmas tree and the other is this super cute Santa hot air balloon one!  

And here's the reason I went back today.  To get this old braided rug for our porch.  It was $30 but I said if it's meant to be, it'll still be there today for $15.  And it was!  I just love it!

Here's my fall tea cart so far!  I love how it's come together.  That little sign says, "Let's Get Stuffed!".  Ha!

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  1. We made over $400 on resale items this month. So, it's not all buying to keep. And it's a lot of fun driving all over with Ginger and then seeing people, homes and things that otherwise we'd never know. Ginger works diligently to make our home a mishmash of cast-offs with a new purpose, eclectic gems that she makes sparkle with new life, creating something from items that thought they were destined for dusty old whatnot shelves. She's a dynamo of ingenuity and foresight. Y'all come see our estate sale in 40 or 50 years! LARRY