Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just ducky!

I went by the antique mall here in town today after work to look at a blue floral loveseat Larry found.  If I liked it, I was going to pay for it and he'd go get it tomorrow.  I want one to make a little reading nook in our bedroom and we've been on the hunt!  Figures I loved it and figures it was sold when I got there.  It had a receipt pinned to it.  Oh well.  It was $250 anyway and if I can get out of paying more than $50, I will.  Ha!  It was a beaut, though!!  Since I had $250 in my pocket, I decided to look around.  I turned the corner and I saw him.  I have become obsessed with vintage light-up blow mold figures.  I want all of the blow mold figures that remain on this planet.  And there on a table, looking dead at me with huge blue eyes, was the cutest little blow mold Easter DUCK!!!  I actually squealed out loud in the store.  I ran a sprint ever so calmly walked over there and scooped him up, not even looking at the price tag.  Didn't care.  I knew he'd be perfect on my Easter tea cart.  And he is!!

I also picked up a couple of things that I wanted the last time we were there and I didn't get them.  A Lefton spaghetti pink cat with rhinestone eyes...

...and a Glasbake milk glass Have A Nice Day blue tulip coffee mug. 

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  1. Sorry about the loveseat,but you will find one.Love the duck and the cat is beautiful! The cart looks so Easterly! Love you.