Thursday, January 8, 2015

No matter how long the winter...

...spring is sure to follow.

That quote makes me smile.  We're having our first really cold weather right now.  19 degrees this morning but it felt like 7 degrees with the wind chill.  Way too cold for me.  I don't necessarily hate winter because there are some good things about it.  Hot chocolate, fleece-lined boots and sweaters are a few.  I even bought a new pair of leggings that has fleece in the legs for added warmth.  They are so comfy!

I hate 19 degrees feeling like some 7, though.

I may not be able to have springtime outside right now but I know it's coming.  I have so much planned for the yard this year!!  An herb garden!  Tomatoes!  Squash!!  Calendula!  Daisies!!  Just all kinds of stuff.  

I may not be able to have springtime outside today but I can have it on our bed.  :)

And that'll do for now.


  1. Good thoughts and plans. We will be fussing about the heat before long.Spring looks good on your bed. Garden ideas sound promising . Love you.

  2. It's too cold to sleep between percale sheets here right now. But, yes, 'tis the season to dream about gardens and start to order seeds. :-)

    1. We don't even own flannel sheets. I used to have a set but they made me sweat so bad, I got rid of them and never got any more. We DO, however, have one of them there fancy-schmancy goose down comforters. :)