Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rub a dub dub, there's cheese in our hot tub

900 gallons of water and $150 later, our hot tub is beautiful!!  We have had the hardest time with this thing this week!  We never could get the water balanced and my rash still ain't gone away so we decided we'd just drain the water and start fresh.  We did that and then the water wasn't clear and the filter wouldn't clear it.  We did everything we knew to do and couldn't get it right so we went to the experts, a local pool and spa store, all sad and defeated, carrying a Mason jar full of water from the tub for them to test.  They suggested that we purge the system, a process that deep cleans inside the plumbing, components and jets, and replace the filter.  Larry did that Tuesday.  The purge is eco-friendly and biodegradable but the stuff that came out of that hot tub most definitely was NOT.  It was the nastiest orange cheesy-looking stuff I have ever seen.  I 'bout DIED.  And then I 'bout DIED again.  And then I got mad.  Really??  No way was that tub clean when we bought the house, like we were told.  We should have known, though, with the house being in the condition it was.  Lord, don't get me started again.  I wouldn't even be surprised if chlorine wasn't just thrown in there at the last minute to make it appear clean.  It looked like it had never been deep cleaned.  Arrrggggh!  Anyway, Larry worked on it most of the week, purging, draining, cleaning, rinsing, more cleaning (we even had to buy a wet/dry vac) and last night, we replaced the filter and started the refill again.

Stuff we had to buy and the instructions from the spa store 

And now we have beautiful crystal clear water!!!  Yay!!!

By the way, we are now taking donations for next month's water bill.  :)


  1. My goodness,what a mess! Now maybe your rash will go away. Some inspection. Need to report this to your bank who sent the inspector around. Bless ya'll's heart and Larry for doing all that .Eventually you will have done your inspection your self. Tell the bank you want his pay for doing all this yourself. Love you.

  2. Oh gosh. I bet you are! Maybe you can get the water people to spread out the bill a bit. I hope this solves it!

  3. Hi Ginger! You're one lucky gal as to have a husband that’s very hardworking. Purging the tub sounds like a lot of work, so it’s great that he managed to do it. Cheers to having clean water in your bath tub! I'm sure it will stay that way, as you are the one who owns it now. I hope to read more posts from you! Till next time!

    Erica Spencer @ CulliganHotTubs

  4. Wow! I’ve had a rash that’s been acting up recently, and this makes me wonder if the hot tub's been what's causing it. The water looks fine, but its definitely something I'm going to check out. Good for you for getting this done, definitely worth it. The last thing you want to be doing is swimming in cheese (or whatever it really is).

    Leena Wolf @ H2O Spas