Saturday, January 17, 2015

Cleaning house with a smile!

It's been no secret that I'm a cleaning nut.  I drive Larry crazy with my constant cleaning but I say you have to stay ahead of it or you'll be living in squalor.  It happens that fast.  :)  I vacuum, mop, dust and scrub bathrooms every week and my kitchen gets cleaned every day.  I am my mama's child.  Anyway, lately, I've been watching a lot of QVC on the weekends and through them, I discovered a little tool that helps me clean with a smile!  Literally.  It's called Scrub Daddy!  I ordered mine from Amazon only to find out that my local Bed Bath and Beyond carries them, for a lot cheaper ($4!).  Look at it.  It's just so cute!  But don't let that cute face fool you.  It's a scrubbing dynamo!  It's soft in warm water for light duty scrubbing, hard in cold water or dry for tougher jobs.  What I really like about it is that it works without ANY cleansers or cleaners, just water.  It's completely scratch free, too, so you can use it on your nonstick pots and pans and on glass or ceramic stovetops without worrying about scratching them up.  And it'll take stickers or labels off with almost no effort.  We try to buy food in glass jars and avoid plastic whenever we can.  We keep the jars to use for leftovers or just any old household use for them.  This little guy takes the labels right off in a flash!  With absolutely no real effort from me.  I just love it.  Just wanted to tell y'all about it!  Go get you one!  

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  1. Bless your heart! Mama don't clean like she used to all the time.Sounds like smiley does its part.