Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Poppie Fresh

I let another woman into my kitchen today.  Another short little fat woman who loves biscuits as much as I do.

Poppie Fresh!  AKA Mrs. Poppin Fresh AKA The Pillsbury Doughgirl.  

Ain't she so cute??

I had an original 1971 Mr. Poppin' Fresh when I was a little girl but he got vandalized by one of my uncles.  Mama replaced him years later.  The doughboy, not my uncle.  Larry and I were at Wilson's Bakery Saturday after we'd spent hours out yard and estate saleing.  Several hours spent going through other folks' stuff is sufficient grounds for fingernut cookies.  I'm just sayin'.  Wilson's is decorated in Pillsbury Doughboys.  Every. Where.  In every variety.  I told Larry while we were in line waiting to get our cookies that we should get our Poppin' Fresh a wife so he wouldn't be lonely anymore standing on our kitchen sink. 

I found her on eBay for $4 and I ordered her Sunday.  She arrived today.  From clean out in California!

Poppin' Fresh was SO happy to see her!  Look at that big smile!  

He's trying to hold her hand already.


  1. You are always good for a laugh. Bless their hearts. Happily ever after.

  2. Oh,she's so cute.