Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tabbie Hoffman's New Addiction

Ami and Brian told us about a toy they thought we should get for Tabbie Hoffman so I thought I'd give it a try with him.  He doesn't play with anything except empty thread spools and drinking straws.  ALLLLLL those toys he has and he plays with that.  He's like a kid on Christmas morning playing with the box his toy came in.

We got it today and Tabbie Hoffman LOVED IT!!!  I am so happy!!!  Thanks for telling us about it, y'all!

It's called Senses Play Circuit and it's by Catit Design.
This is our cat taking complete leave of his senses.  :)

He finally just laid down, stuck his paw in the hole and waited for that ball.  That was SO funny!  He is SO smart!

I kept waiting for him to make the same face this kitten on the box did!  He so essited!!  I just crack up every time I look at it.

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