Sunday, August 3, 2014

Our latest finds

We skipped our usual Saturday morning full of yard sales yesterday and went up to an estate sale in Barnesville that Brian told us about last week.  We always search for the ones around Warner Robins but this one was listed under Macon so we would've missed it.  Thanks, Brian!  We didn't get very much (everything was way overpriced!) but we enjoyed looking at the enormous collection of 50's and 60's items that this family had!  They had a house, a garage apartment and a stand-alone apartment slap full of stuff.

I was able to get the pair of hippie orange mugs that I wanted, though!  I couldn't believe they were still there.  The blue lamp that I wanted wasn't.  :(  I just love these mugs!  They were marked both for $6 but yesterday everything was 25% off so I got 'em for $4.50!

 I got both of these adorable little coffee mugs for $1.50!

Larry got all this military stuff at a church sale and a yard sale in Macon!  We go in search of anything vintage, really, but we focus on the two P's --- Pyrex and patches!  :)  Larry has collected hundreds of military patches in the past several months.  He had a collection of thousands once upon a time and we're just trying to get some of them back.  We've been really amazed at the stuff we're finding out there!  For cheap!!

I still have a bit of a problem with pretty pillowcases.  :)

I got this pillow case for $5 on eBay to cover our memory foam body pillow.  I think it's a perfect match for our new quilt!

My new old tea glass that cost me all of 75 cents at a church sale!

I just can't resist a coffee mug!  Especially one with daisies on it.

And I found this little beauty when I walked out in the backyard this morning.  

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  1. Ya'll been busy. Love the pillow cases and all the dishware. Thanks for sharing all your special items.