Sunday, June 8, 2014

Treasure Huntin' 2.0

Our once-a-month yard sale treat is fast becoming an every weekend thing.  We went to NINE yesterday before 1:00!  We prefer estate sales because we like going in folks' houses and pilfering.  Ha!  No, we have really found some great stuff the past couple of weeks.  We've gone to some awesome estate sales with homes just slap full of vintage love.  We started using to find them and we've started following Sweet Southern Home Estate Liquidators on Facebook.  We've run into these sweet ladies two weekends in a row, at estate sales they were hosting and they are just so nice, friendly and helpful.  I expect we'll be seeing a lot of them around this summer!  We hit one of theirs twice this weekend, going Friday and Saturday.  The first time we went, I missed these adorable orange dish towels!  Cannon dish towels, made in the USA, $2 for both.  They bring a sunny summertime feel to my kitchen and I just love them.  I also picked up two pretty vintage pillowcases to add to my ever-growing stash of oldie-but-goodie linens.  Also $2.

My favorite find yesterday was this set of vintage Santa mugs.  I knew they were old so I googled 'em and found that they are Brinn's Santa mugs, made in 1959!  I got these for 50 cents each.  Yeah, I couldn't believe it either.

I got a cute little copper loaf pan, several pieces of old Tupperware, some hand towels, a plant hanger and at one yard sale, I picked up this super cute Royal Standard tote bag for $3, still in the packaging! 

I thought it would be perfect to take to the beach with us in a couple of weeks.  We're going to Jekyll Island and St. Simon's later this month and we're taking Banjo with us.  Gonna teach him to catch a frisbee on the beach.  :)  We went to one estate sale this weekend that was a two-story house with a basement, pool and several outbuildings.  They had lots of beach towels for sale cheap and I picked up one huge one to take with us.  Larry has been racking up with tools and things for the shop and he's been trying to replace some of his old military patch collection that was lost and he's had a lot of luck at these estate sales!

Another awesome find yesterday was this second edition Laura Ingalls Wilder book!  Again, two dolla.  I had all of these books when I was a kid and I don't have one of them today.  They were paperback and I read 'em until they fell apart.  I was so happy to find this one, published in 1953.  I think I shall read it again.  :)

We also picked up a beautiful solid maple end table for dirt cheap that Larry is going to refinish and then we'll see if anybody's interested in buying it.  He did such a beautiful job on my desk and this little table has so much potential.  We've given some thought to maybe turning our newfound passion into a business, maybe starting with a booth at the Big Peach or a couple of tables at Smiley's.  And then there's eBay and Etsy, too.  I know vintage sheets and Pyrex are hot right now and it just so happens that they're hot with me, too!  I don't know exactly what we'll do but I'm excited to see what the Lord has planned for us!

We found lots of treasures this weekend away from home and then Larry finds one he wasn't expecting when we got back.  He was in the attic going through some old boxes of photos and things I picked up at his parents' house years ago and he found his old Cub Scout cap!  I didn't even know it was in there.  He hung it over his baby picture.  Awww!

I already can't wait for next weekend to get here!  We even talked about finding a couple of yard sales at Jekyll. :)

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