Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello Jello!

Just say no to Jello mold crack

Tupperware is so awesome!  I bought a vintage Jello mold at The Big Peach a few weeks ago and didn't realize it had a crack in it until I poured hot Jello in it.  Ugh.  Larry said he thought Tupperware had a lifetime guarantee on their stuff so I called the Customer Service number and told them what I had and they sent me a brand new mold! 

 The old and the new 
(the new is actually purple but that bright blue is pretty, too!)

I made strawberry banana Jello in it today.  Try not to laugh at where it caved in on the side.  I wasn't real sure how to get it out.  I know now!

I told Larry we'll be eating Jello molds all summer!  There are thousands of recipes online.  I can't wait to make a couple hundred.  :)

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  1. I just got my first jello mold this year, too. Mine is like your old one. It was never used, but I guess I'll inaugurate it some time soon.