Sunday, May 4, 2014

One man's junk...

Larry and I went yard saling yesterday!  We were on a mission with a list and maps and times and everything!  We left about 7:30 and finished up around 5:00, going to thirteen yard sales and one estate sale, where I teared up more than once.  Beautiful two-story, five bedroom house sitting on eleven acres with a huge workshop and several outbuildings.  Even had an RV parked under a carport.  Walking through that house made me cry, especially the kitchen, where I was looking for a pound cake pan.  This was somebody's house, somebody's life, and it was just so sad to me that their kids had to sell everything, including the house and RV, just to "settle the estate".  It seemed so cold to me, so not right, yet I know it has to be done at some point when they both are gone.  Rowley was their name and she was a labor and delivery nurse.  Mrs. Rowley, I will take good care of your muffin pan and those pretty little bowls I took from your kitchen.

We found one sale that had vintage sheets and pillowcases (my favorite!) and one sale that had this gorgeous afghan draped over a big screen TV with a $3 price tag on it!  Why hadn't somebody snatched this thing up already, I asked.  I sure did!!  And then I got some back story.  This afghan (that is big enough to fit the top of our queen-sized bed!) was made by a lady during her last few months of life.  She made this when she was dying.  Another tearjerker.  WHY wouldn't somebody in her family WANT IT??  Larry and I absolutely love it and it has a good home now.

One lady had potted begonias at her sale!  She was going on vacation and didn't want her little plants to die so she put them in her sale.  And I adopted one!  In a heart-shaped flower pot.

Here is one of the three pretty flower pots I found at another sale.

When I was a little girl, I had a tea set almost exactly like this one!  Mine had a kitty on it and I have one surviving piece, the sugar bowl.  I was so happy to find this set!

And how cool is this fish planter?

Larry got a Black and Decker 10-inch miter saw that brand new would have cost over a hundred dollars for $10.  The guy wanted $22.  He got a US Navy wool blanket and another pin for his hat.  And he got an ab lounger for $5!  

We hit one entire neighborhood that was having yard sales and we walked house to house.  That was so much fun!  And I found the most awesome thing at one of those sales!  Inside a freebie box (!), was a pink (!!) Robins Air Force Base 561st Maintenance Squadron t-shirt.  561st!  That's me!!  I couldn't believe it.  I'll be wearing it to work tomorrow.  :)

We got lots of really great stuff.  Everything we got we loved and will use.  Stuff that was discarded, unwanted and unloved by somebody else.  Another person's treasure, right?


  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My mom has that very fish planter. It looks really neat with flowers spilling out of it. That afghan is beautiful. We have one with a similar story. We got it for $10 at a craft shop, made by a woman for her mother and the mother died while she was working on it. It is a treasure. Your little tea set is so sweet. Estate sales are funny things. It was very weird to watch the tag sale go on next door having known and loved our neighbor as we did.