Monday, May 12, 2014

In the dog house

We've had Banjo three weeks today.  In those three weeks, he has made us laugh constantly and love completely.  We are pretty much head over heels over this sweet boy.

But since he's only six months old, he has lots of energy.  And lots of tear-everything-to-pieces in him.  Since we're not crate people, for obvious reasons, we have opted to keep him on a very long chain in the backyard for when we both are not at home.

He just cannot stay in the house when we're not at home.  Ami and Brian can testify to the amount of partying that goes on when he and Tabbie Hoffman are left alone for very long.  But, of course, Tabbie Hoffman is nowhere to be found when the cops show up.  

Here are a few things Banjo has been up to lately.

He dug up my Uncle J. B. amaryllis in the backyard that had not even come up in three years.  Yeah.

He chewed the side off our neighbor's house.  Oh, but yes, he did. 

He tore up his bed that cost almost as much as ours did and pulled all of the stuffing out of the center.  He also pulls this stuffing out and combines it with shredded puppy pads.  I told y'all.  It is Partay Central up in here.

I feel sorry for him outside on a chain with nowhere to rest or get shelter and Larry had planned to build him a dog house anyway so that's what we (mostly Larry 'cause dang, it's hot) did today.

I picked out the white shingles!  We're going to paint it blue and decorate it with, oh, I don't know, peace signs, maybe, and banjos.  :)

I'm in charge of the inside decor.  I'm thinking a little something like this.  :)


  1. Bless ya'lls heart. Hope he winds down,but don't think it will no time soon.Love the dog house. Larry does such a great job repairing and making items.Wish ya'll luck. Love you.

  2. Yes, bless all your hearts there right now. Shoowee. Maybe you should take up running to help him burn off his energy? Too bad you don't get much snow down there. You could hitch him to a sled. ;-)