Saturday, May 17, 2014

On the hunt

Lately, I've developed an obsession with vintage Pyrex.  It all started with an innocent little Amish Butterprint that I got from Maw's house shortly after she passed away in 2011.  I got her cornbread pan, a Corning Country Festival Bluebird casserole dish and that sweet little Pyrex dish.  Since then I've been collecting pieces here and there.  I also lovelovelove FireKing coffee cups, too, and we've got seven of them now.  Lucky for me, The Big Peach in Byron is FULL of Pyrex, Corning and FireKing.

Larry and I went today for an early birthday trip and I loaded up!  I've been able to find two more pieces to match Maw's Bluebirds there!  I got the second one today and I was so excited to find it!

Larry also got me a rack for the kitchen to store them all on and I just love how they look there!  (Pay no attention to the green stuff in the small avocado green bowl, I made Larry some lime Jello in it and just sat it there for the picture!  Ha!)

I just adore this stuff!  Nothing on the market out there today even comes close to the quality.  You can take 'em straight from oven to table to refrigerator.  And they're so pretty, too!

I also got some vintage Tupperware today, too.  I absolutely detest plastic containers but I understand that for lunches and for the sake of being portable, you just about can't get away from them.  But I just don't want us to eat food microwaved in them so I thought why not get some old Tupperware to use instead?  Old Tupperware made in the 60's and 70's that didn't have all those chemicals in them?  I got several "leftover" style bowls, sandwich containers and serving bowls with lids.  Some were just $2 each!  

So there it is!  My growing little Pyrex collection.  I think I'm gonna need another rack.  :)

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