Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Return of The Sunday Cake!

Wow!  I haven't made a Sunday Cake since February 19th!  I was so sick for so long and then we had the beach trips and other stuff come up.  We got by with a little help from our friends, though.  :)  Tia sent us cupcakes at the hospital, we bought a cake from the Mennonite bakery and then last weekend was Easter and we had Ami's delicious Devil's Food with Snicker bar cream cheese icing and I remember seeing another cake on the counter, too.  So we've HAD Sunday Cake, just not one I baked.

Larry wanted some kind of cinnamon cake this week so I made a cinnamon streusel coffee cake.  I used brown sugar for my glaze, though, instead of powdered sugar.

He was happy.  :)

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  1. Bet the house sure smelled good from baking. Love the fragrance of cinnamon.