Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wired Up!

Larry and I went to Valdosta one afternoon last week to Wiregrass' Wired Up! Festival and we had a blast!  Larry went a semester at Wiregrass before he came home and it was such a great experience for him that he wanted to go back and see his friends and teachers and just be a part of that again. 

Here he is with Wiregrass President, Dr. Tina Anderson.  Such a nice lady!  And she loves her some Larry, too.  She saw him in that crowd, walked up behind him and grabbed his arm.  He made quite the name for himself when he was there and got to know a lot of people.  He was in the Student Leadership Council as well as the Veterans program and he spoke at several functions and even got to be Vince Dooley's guide and bodyguard when Mr. Dooley was there to speak to the students.  I'm very proud of him!

They had a zip line there, too, and yep.  He had to do it.  Not me, though.  Somebody had to take pictures, right??  :)

He found his veteran buddy, Paul, to go along with him!

This would have been such a great shot if it hadn't been so blurry!!  All I got of Paul was his legs.  Ha!  They were going so fast!!

A clown made a balloon butterfly for me.  Larry said it looked more like a mosquito.  :)


  1. Great adventure for ya'll especially Larry.Good visit for him. Love ya'll.

  2. What is Larry studying in college? Would you believe that my homeschool curriculum recommends having a zipline? I'd be all over it if we had some good trees.

  3. He's in the welding program. He only signed up for it because the VA is paying him to go to school. More than he'd make at a $10 an hour job! They owe him anyway. :)