Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This week

Bad news.  Larry learned that when you're holding a cat and you blow in his face, he will show you a gear you didn't know he had.  Ouch.  As a reward for his scratchin' off like a 1969 AMX on some hot July asphalt while Larry held him, Tabbie Hoffman got a pedicure.

Good news.  After just three weeks, we have grass in our backyard!

Pretty Gerbera daisies in the backyard

Gorgeous hibiscus on the front porch says "hi!"

Larry and I decorated the fence out front

This just cracked me up!  I bought the new happy, dancing bunny on the left and when I went to take a picture of him, Jude was standing there with his arms crossed looking at him like, "Dude, where'd YOU come from and how long you stayin'?"!  Larry swears he didn't do it.  He was just cleaning up and somehow when he put things back on the table, Jude got turned around.  Hilarious!

We're looking forward to a wonderful Easter Sunday!  Sunrise service at church and dinner and an egg hunt in the afternoon.  I hope you all have a beautiful day celebrating the greatest love story ever told!  The story of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice and that amazing gift of love He gave each and every one of us.  Friday happened, true, but Sunday's coming!

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  1. Poor Larry! I once got a claw in the lip, too. No fun. So glad you have grass!