Monday, January 20, 2014

A little update

What have we done this week?  What haven't we done is a better question.  We have been organizing closets and making more room for two in this very small house and we have done great!  Larry is amazing at arranging and organizing.  We bought some bookcases to house our huge library and Larry has worked so hard going through his massive autographed photo and baseball card collection (there are over 11,000!) and clearing out the closet where I had been storing the boxes.  He consolidated them into fewer boxes and now we have more closet space.  We bought a small chest to keep seasonal things in, too. 

We got a new computer, too, since my laptop is four years old and is starting to really slow down.  Larry has two online classes and I really didn't want him having to deal with the frustration of a slow computer AND getting used to using a computer and the internet.  We got a Samsung laptop and we love it.  It is SO fast!

Last Sunday afternoon, we went to the Big Peach (or as I call it, the Byron antique mall) and spent three hours just walking around and looking at stuff.  We found some really cool albums and I finally got that green vintage Pyrex mixing bowl I've wanted forever.  I love old Pyrex and Fire King and the Big Peach is full of that stuff! 

Tuesday, we went to the doctor to get Larry's right elbow checked out.  He's had some pain there after he played football in October.  Dr. Kinnebrew x-rayed it, said it was just tendonitis and gave him a cortisone shot.  We left there and went to Macon to drop off some donations and since we had a little time before I had to be at work, we went to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.  It was so much fun!  And quiet, too.  We had the place all to ourselves!  We walked around looking at the museum displays and we watched the movie in the theater and then Larry played a little bit upstairs.  He tried out all of the interactive exhibits and played basketball and football.  He's such a jock.  I watched.  And took pictures.  :)

Today after church, we had lunch at Mama Mia's.  I had spaghetti and meatballs and Larry got a pizza. It was so delicious!!  We brought all but two slices of the pizza home with us.  Their food is so good and they give you so much!!  It's authentic Italian food and the place is owned and operated by two brothers from New York. Two very large brothers.  They put their money where their mouth is!  Or vice versa.  Ha!

This afternoon, I helped Larry change the idler pulley on his truck.  First time I'd ever actually worked on a vehicle!  I held the belt in place while he changed out the part.  Teamwork makes the dream work!  :)

I've been baking a cake every weekend, too.  I call it our Sunday Cake.  I have this week's in the oven now.  A triple chocolate fudge.  Last week, it was carrot cake.  I'm late getting this one done today but it's okay since we're both off work and class tomorrow.  It's a Monday Cake this week.  :)


  1. Loving hearing about your life with Larry home. I think it's wonderful!!

  2. I am happy for you two andthat you are going places and enjoying life together. Take care of each other and enjoy every day to the fullest. Love you both.