Friday, January 17, 2014

Little Birdie

Wednesday, Larry called me at work and told me he'd found a little bird on our patio.  He knew something was wrong with it when it let him pick it up.  We decided he must have hit the glass door and was too stunned to move.  Since it was going to be below freezing that night and since birds roost at night, Larry brought him in the house and we figured the cat carrier would be the safest place for him to spend the night.  Tabbie Hoffman was most interested in the little birdie.  :)  

When I got home, I filled a ramekin with water and we got him settled for the night.  We put him on the bathroom counter and closed the door so he'd be warm and safe and out of a certain kitty's curious reach.

I checked on him through the night and each time, he was flapping his wings, ready to GO. 

As soon as we got up, we let him go.  I held Tabbie Hoffman and Larry took the carrier out on the patio and as soon as he unzipped it, Little Birdie took off like a bullet!  I circled him in red so y'all could see him.  I commented on Facebook that his chains are gone, he's been set free.  :)

I told Larry the whole time Little Birdie was with us, I was singing "Little Birdie" from Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving.  :)

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