Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday hodgepodge

Tabbie Hoffman and I enjoyed our daily nature time this morning.  He always has more fun.  I sit and drink my iced coffee while he does his thang.  Here are a few things he liked about today's "outside". 

Munching on an acorn
Exploring the leaf pile

Spying on the neighbors

It's been hot here.  90 degrees hot.  Ridiculous for October.  I am really looking forward to the thunderstorms and rain we've got coming tonight and in the morning.  Maybe it'll cool things off some.  And maybe it'll all clear out before I have to leave for work.  Speaking of, in case you were wondering, yes, I am working. I worked all week while the people in control of our government played their games.  My job is considered mission essential so we worked.  We worked overtime, too, nearly every day and all day yesterday.  Those 4,000 or so "non-essential" (I hate that word.  We are ALL essential.) employees that were sent home from Robins should go back to work this week.  It looks like they got a paid vacation last week.  A week off with pay and they didn't have to use any of their leave to get it.  They got a sweet deal!

I finally got around to washing those vintage sheets and pillowcases I bought last Saturday and getting some of them on the bed.  I lovelovelove that daisy sheet!!  Everything I bought was clean, no stains or tears.  Perfect condition!  I am so happy with everything I got!!

One of the albums I got, though, Bobbie Gentry's Ode To Billy Joe, had a different record inside.  Jim Reeves' greatest hits.  Early Jim Reeves.  I'd never even heard one song.  So I got on eBay, found another Bobbie Gentry album for $4 and got it.  It arrived Thursday.  Now for a record player!  I found one at Best Buy that I really like.  And, Santa, I have been really, really good this year.  :)

I admit that I run a little behind in the technology department.  I finally got a smartphone in July.  I am a stickler for use it up, wear it out, make it do so I kept my little flip phone for five years.  I've had Directv for three years and I've been pretty much happy with the service and the reception.  It's even gotten better in heavy rain.  The monthly cost keeps going up, though.  And the price of movies keeps going up, too.  I pay from $3.99 to $6.99 per movie and that's just crazy.  So I signed up for Netflix again this week.  I had it years ago, back when they mailed you a DVD to watch and you mailed it back to them.  I have a Wii, thanks to my sweet hubby who got it for me for my birthday five or so years ago, so I updated the system (it had never been done) and got Netflix on it so that we can watch things on the TV, as well as on our phones and laptops.  $7.99 a month for unlimited movies and TV shows and there are thousands.  I have no idea why it takes me so long to do stuff.  I saw that all 202 episodes of "The X-Files" are on Netflix.  Larry will never leave this house.  :)  That was our favorite show and he missed so many episodes.  I watched, wrote him a synopsis of every one and I even recorded them on VHS.  So, yeah, I have 100+ episodes of "The X-Files" on video cassette.  Still.  Ha!  I'm really excited about starting at the beginning of Mulder and Scully's story and watching it with him.  Three months and two days!!


  1. Good Tabbie pics....LUV LUV the "spy" kitty....Precious!
    Beautiful bed, too.
    We're gonna get Netflix we "moved on up" to a Smart TV...LOL
    Countdown to the beginning of your long-awaited life is tickin down....know you are ready.
    XFiles was an interesting two will enjoy together.
    LOVE ya :)

  2. I love the linens. Tabby looks happy and adventurous. Glad you are working. Take care and time will pass for you and Larry. Love you.