Sunday, October 27, 2013

Country Living Fair

Friday, Brian, Ami and I went to Stone Mountain to the Country Living Fair and we had a blast!  There was so much to see and look at and touch and smell and taste.  We tried to capture the whole day in pictures and ended up with hundreds of shots.  These are some of my favorites.

This is me and Ami posin' and freezin' at the entrance.  It was the coldest October 25th that Atlanta has had since 1968.  I think it only got up to 55 all day which wasn't bad at all in the sun.  The warm sun was wonderful!  In the shade and in the wind?  It felt like Alaska.  I don't do well with cold.  At all.

Here's the famous Country Living Fair pumpkin pile! 

 Some really cool old motel room keys!

I bought that pretty little purple peace purse on top from GypsyTemple and met this sweet girl here.

Pretty parasols!

Ami said I had to get this really old tin of McCormick Ground Ginger and that she was sorry that her name wasn't Cream of Tartar.  Ha!  I've done a little research today and I've narrowed it down to it being made in the 50's or 60's.  McCormick came out with a red band at the bottom in the 70's.  It's still got ginger inside, too.  Lumpy, clumpy ginger but ginger all the same.  :)

You know that saying, "you never regret the things you buy, only the things you don't?"  Well, I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting some of these floating star candles.  I picked 'em up, smelled 'em, loved on 'em and then put them back.  And now cannot find them online.  Waaaaaah! 

I did get a jar of this honey, though, and it is delicious!  I had some on my toast this morning.

I really loved this old pie safe, too.  Oh, the pies it has cooled in its life. 

 Here are Ami and Brian checking out some vintage cameras.

This little corner was just so warm and cozy to me!

I spent almost half my day's money right here in this soap booth!  I got bars of patchouli orange, honey almond and rosemary mint.  And I picked up a grab bag of both full size and sample size soaps.  I love that soap!  It's the best handmade natural soap I've ever tried and I have tried a lot of soap and I've made my own.  I've had a bar of lavender from the grab bag in the tub since Friday night and my whole house smells like it.  It lathers better with a poof than any shower gel or body wash I've ever seen and your skin rinses clean and soft.  I put a small bar of chocolate mint beside my kitchen sink.  I may never buy any other kind of soap again!  I'm in loooooove.

Ami added to her globe collection with this awesome vintage one from the 70's.

Modern June was there, too!

Here I am standing beside this HUGE speed limit sign!

And posing in front of one of the Country Living covers.

After we left the fair, we went exploring around Stone Mountain a bit and ended up at the covered bridge and old grist mill.

 Soooo beautiful and peaceful!

We topped off our amazing day with supper at Marietta Diner!  I had never been but Brian and Ami had when he worked up there.  All I have to say is if you ain't been, what you waitin' on?  I had the country fried steak and mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and seafood bisque.  Probably the best food I've ever put in my mouth and I've put some food in there, y'all.  And the spinach pie they bring you before the meal is to absolutely lay down and die for. I'm going to try to do it justice Thanksgiving.  I loved everything about the place, the music, the atmosphere, the service, the food, everything.  I cannot wait to go back with Larry!

What a wonderful, exciting, awesome, yummy day!!

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  1. Happy to hear y'all had such a FUN adventure....
    The pics help the rest of us enjoy it, too.
    LOVE ya