Friday, October 15, 2010

No Trees Were Harmed In The Production Of This Day

And what a day it was!! I took the day off to get some stuff done and to get ready for my 25th class reunion this weekend. So I hit the floor running this morning at 9:00 (yeah, 9:00 is hit the floor running for me on a day off!!) so I'd be up and presentable and in a decent mood by the time the chimney sweep got here to clean my chimney and fireplace for winter. They got here about 9:50 and cleaned and inspected and were gone by 10:30. $85, thank you, ma'am. Everything looked good inside and out so that peace of mind is worth the money to me.

I had the Directv guy coming sometime between 12:00 and 4:00 and I had a few errands to run so I went and did what I needed to do and got back at 11:00. The Directv guy shows up and gets to work. He comes in and tells me that he has bad news, though. There's no clear shot through my trees to the satellites I need and he didn't think they'd be able to do it. I have several humongous trees with big old fat juicy branches full of leaves. Like one million three hundred seventy-eight thousand four hundred eighty-three leaves. Every year. I know 'cause I rake them. You know how God knows how many hairs are on our heads? Yeah, it's like that. I told him that was okay, it's what I expected anyway. He told me if I would cut one of my trees down, we'd have no problem. Well, that ain't gonna happen. I hug trees. I don't cut them. I hadn't cancelled my cable service yet so as far as I was concerned, I was good. He tells me he's calling his supervisor for a second opinion so okay, la la la la, we'll try that. I mopped behind my refrigerator and cleaned my stovetop. I'm good either way. Supe comes out, walks around the yard while I'm on the phone with Larry and tells me that maybe, just maybe, if we put it here and stand on one foot and close one eye, we may be able to get reception. They ended up putting the dish at the end of the driveway next to the fence. And they ended up cutting my neighbor's cable clean in two. Seems we shared a cable. Who knew?? As much blankety-blank money as I've paid Cox in the last 7 1/2 years, I ought to had my own dang cable!!

So far so great!! I'm amazed at the clarity and the sharpness in color. Even my 18-year-old TranSouth color TV is actin' like it's brand new.

Here's the dish!! Standing out there all by its lonesome lookin' like a little alien!! I think it is SO CUTE. I can't wait to wrap some Christmas lights around it.


  1. Yay!! So glad it worked out!!

  2. After all that they left the dirt for you to spread out. aenjoy your new channels.