Sunday, October 20, 2013


If you're friends with me on Facebook, you know I had supper with Larry Thursday night!!  Just like regular folks.  And it was absolutely incredible with a big heaping side of awesomesauce.  They passed through Warner Robins on their way up to Rock Spring, where Larry, Bonnie and Brandon spoke to some 400 guys at Walker SP about The Refuge and its aftercare program.  Larry shared his story and I'm sure he had those guys sitting on the edge of their seats.  I'm also sure that he was an inspiration and gave them hope, too.  Thirty-seven years is quite the attention-getter.

Bonnie called me Thursday morning and we made arrangements to meet at O'Charley's.  One of my favorite places to eat!  I got there a little before 6:30 and they hadn't arrived yet.  They had also not told Larry what they were doing or where they were going to stop for supper.  I sat out in the little waiting area out front and waited for them.  They got there in less than two minutes and pulled right up in front of me!  They all got out of the van and while Larry's back was to me, I slipped out the door and grabbed his arm.  He turned around, saw me and just hollered!  He grabbed me and held on and wouldn't let go.  It was the single most best hug I've ever gotten.  Ever.  We all went in, got a table and ordered.  He wanted whatever I was getting so I got us both the blue cheese Caesar salad with steak and he ordered the fried pickles appetizer.  I'd never had the pickles but he had!  They were delicious!!

After supper, Brandon took a couple of pictures of us.  This one is my FB profile pic.  The first official real-life picture we've ever had.  It will always be precious to me.

And then of course, I got me some sugar!  ;)  I can't even put into words how much I love that beard.

We'd been together 25 years on September 25th so Larry brought me a gift.  He's so sweet about finding just the perfect things for me and he's really good at it, too!  This time, he found two beeeee-u-tiful vintage mushroom canisters!!  I just love them!!!  I think we're going to use the bigger one as a cookie jar.  Ain't they gorgeous??

What's really funny is he had them carefully packed down in an extra large L.L.Bean Boat and Tote bag.  A bag that I have lusted over for, oh, ten years or more.  He never knew that, though.  Just one more of those "things" that happen between us.  I am so excited about that bag!!  :)  We will use it for groceries, taking stuff camping and to the beach, hauling Christmas gifts to my folks' house, just all kinds of things.  You can use them for absolutely anything.  And it's red.  I would have gotten red, too.

Larry bought a truck last week.  A Dodge Ram 1500.  I am SO proud of him and the deal he got!!  I'm going to call and get insurance on it tomorrow so he can drive himself to the college every day.  I spent 18 years in the finance business and I know the tricks to talking to car dealers and getting good deals and avoiding fees and extra charges.  Larry was listening to me all those years and he learned how to do it, too!!  He got an awesome deal.  They cut $900 off the sticker price and now Larry has a paid-for truck.  I am so excited about that, too!!  I can't wait to head to the woods.

Or maybe the Christmas tree farm.  They told us at supper Thursday night that he's not going to have to stay until January.  He should be home for Christmas! 

Larry and I took our thumbs and index fingers and smashed them together and said, "We are thisclose."  Yep.  We sure are.


  1. What a beautiful heartfelt story! Ginger you may never realize the hope and inspiration you give me!

  2. You look OVER THE MOON Happy! It is so great to see you both TOGETHER!!!!

  3. You guys look great together...soooo happy for you both!!
    We just need one more pic of all four of us together!

  4. That was wonderful! I love the canisters and they are perfect for goodies.Glad to hear Larry will be home for Christmas. You look so happy and we are so Happy for you and him. Love you.

  5. I am so happy for you cuz. That kind of love doesn't come around often. ENJOY!!

  6. That is so wonderful. You two are proof that faith, hope, and persistence pay off and that there is a wonderful life possible at the end of this...shall we say unique journey. I'm so happy for both of you!!!

  7. Aww, Ginger! This is all so great! HOME for Christmas! Girl, you're making me tear up!