Friday, September 20, 2013

The 20th already??

Wow!  This month is just flying by!  I just realized that I haven't even blogged about anything since the 7th.  I have been busy busy busy!!!  I worked last Saturday and pretty much slept all afternoon Sunday.  I'm taking this weekend off since this house doesn't clean itself and we have Baby Lizzie's 1st birthday party Sunday afternoon!  It's hard to believe that little baby is a year old already.  A lot has happened in a year.  She learned to laugh and patty cake, she got some teefies and she's thisclose to walking.  Oh, and she's getting a little brother or sister, too.  :)

When Larry went to Quitman, I prayed that time would go by fast for us and it really, really has.  We are a little over three months away!  He's taking a welding course right now and he's really enjoying it and doing awesome at it, too.  He joined the Student Leadership Council there at the college and he's involved with that as well as keeping things going at the Refuge.  I worry that he's going to burn out but so far, so good.  I guess it's just good that he's not like poor Jacob in the Bible, who had to do seven years of indentured servitude just to get a girl he didn't even want.  At least at the end of this, Larry gets the girl he wants.  :)

My sweet friend, Lisa Skinner, made Larry some chocolate chip cookies last week and sent them to him.  He said they were delicious!  Thanks, Lisa!  You are such a great friend to us.  And you shamed me miserably because I didn't think of it first!  :)

Three months nineteen days!  We can do this!


  1. I'm glad the time is passing well for you! Sounds like he's turning in to Super Larry during his last bit of waiting. Now, I want chocolate chip cookies. . .

  2. He's always been my Super Larry!! I can't wait to get him home. And bake him some cookies. :)