Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Lizzie!

After a quick change of plans, we gave our little Elizabeth Faye a pink and lime green birthday party Sunday afternoon.  Aunt Ami made all the beautiful decorations, including a birthday flag banner, a sweet little o-n-e banner for her high chair and an adorable Happy Birthday hat!


She got lots of cool presents, too!  A baby doll, some bubble bath, a cute little cook set with a skillet and a chicken leg, a Chatter Phone, lots of clothes and some books.  And she made THE biggest mess with that red velvet cake!  

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!!


  1. Beautiful decorations to show off a Beautiful baby girl!
    Sweet......Know Lizzie had fun....I did just lookin!!

  2. Love the post. She did enjoy everything and we did to. She enjoyed being out in the yard and crawling on the grass . I hope all this weeks sugar high don't cause her any problems later.