Friday, August 16, 2013

There's an app for that!

I am loveloveloving my new smartphone!  Why on earth did I wait so long to get one?  I don't know.  Craziness.

It didn't take long for me to become addicted either.  I thought I'd tell y'all some of the apps I use and love and see what you like as well.  Feel free to comment!  :) 

Social networking, shopping and newsy ones:

* Facebook.  'Nuf said.
* Pinterest
* Instagram
* Blogger
* 13WMAZ
* The Macon Telegraph 
* Target
* Publix
* Amazon

My favorite is the YouVersion Bible app.  Thirty-eight English versions of the Bible (wow!) plus reading plans, study guides and videos.  I LOVE it.  It's so great to always have God's Word right there when I need to hear it.

I also like Directv's app.  I can watch TV shows or movies right on my phone.  That's pretty cool.

I have a few games that I play, too.  Old school Frogger (ha!), Larry told me about Fruit Ninja so I play that and love it but I swear, there's something weird going on with the bananas, a guy at work told me about Flow Free and I love that one, too, and I'm on level 18 1/2 of a game called Happy Street.  Then there's Words With Friends and Songpop.  Of course.  :)

I downloaded my first book to my phone and pretty much hated reading it on the phone.  I ended up going to the bookstore and buying the paperback.  It's the fifth book in that cowboy romance series I've been reading.  So I really couldn't have four paperbacks and not get the fifth, right??  :)  

I also have a flashlight and an ocean sounds sleep app that I love, too.  

What apps do you love??

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  1. Sounds like an entertaining phone. Glad you are enjoying it. Love you.